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October 24, 2018

Tom Wallace has been our Insurance Man for years. I have been a Business Owner for 24 years and he has always given me the best quotes in town. He’s also always on the lookout for better plans. I have everything with him (Business/Home/Autos/etc.). Most people who own their own Insurance Agencies are ”too busy” to talk to me personally (I used to get as far as the Receptionists). But not Tom. He’s never too busy to talk to me if I have a question. If I happen to go to his Voice Mail, he always calls me back promptly. He and his staff are very kind (kindest in Town in my opinion), down to earth, knowledgeable, and helpful. On a side note, everyone should take time to drive by his business during the Fall. He and his Wife work very hard to decorate it very tastefully and it’s always festive. In fact, My wife and I do drive-bys every year to look at his Business because the decorations actually get better with each passing year. As a Business Owner, it’s nice and heartwarming to see someone take so much pride and ownership in their Property. We consider it a reflection of his personality: Caring. I am proud to call him my Insurance Man. We won’t be going anywhere. We’ll always stay with the Tom Wallace Insurance Company.

October 10, 2018

The best insurance experience I’ve ever had getting insurance . Christina is a time and life saver . She’s very helpful for someone as busy as me . Thank you a million .

March 23, 2018

Tom Wallace and his office staff are amazing. They were kind, helpful , and eager to answer all my questions. Mr. Wallace was personable and easy to talk to. Plus, he saved me some money! Give him a call if you are looking for a great insurance experience.

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