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January 9, 2015

Insurance for the New Year

It’s the start of the New Year; everyone is making resolutions that they’ll never keep. What if we told you there was one resolution that we, Tom Wallace Insurance, could help you keep? That would be something that you haven’t heard of right? What if this resolution was about weight loss, but about saying you money? That’s right; our resolution for you is to protect yourself and family with insurance.

Many people ask us; is insurance really necessary? The answer is YES! Insurance protects you, your family, your life, or your business from any unexpected accident. As an independent agency, Tom Wallace Insurance strives to provide competitive auto and homeowners’ rates. By working with so many competitive companies you will know that we are giving you the best auto, home, life, or business rates as possible.

So what information do you need to get insurance? Good question. Each insurance quote is different and asks for certain information. However, there is some general information that you need to know or have when you request any quote. The following information listed are suggested for you to have:


    -Current address

            -Social Security number

                        –For everyone on the policy

            -Driver’s License number

                        –For everyone on the policy

            -Current insurance information

This information is some basic information that everyone needs to provide. On our website there are lists for what information is needed for auto, home, business, life, and recreational quotes. Even if you don’t have the information we are great working with you to get the correct information.

Give us a call to find so we can get the best price and quality for you and your family.

Contact Tom for your insurance needs at [email protected]

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