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January 25, 2015

Super Home Success: How to Host a Successful Open House

Super Sunday: It’s a day dedicated to football, funny TV commercials, overindulging in chips and dips, and… staging an open house? Traditionally, late January to early February is the start of the spring housing market, so the Sunday of the big championship game falls right at the beginning of the open house rush. Sellers can get a jump-start on the competition in a competitive market by taking advantage of Super Sunday. If you’re thinking about taking advantage of that “super” day, consider these tips to help you score a touchdown with your open house:

Host the open house early in the day.

If you decide to host an open house, host it earlier in the day, such as from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The big game kicks off late in the afternoon, giving buyers an opportunity to see your home before the teams take the field. If you think you’ll get heavy traffic, consider extending the open house until 3 p.m. Buyers who are not interested in attending a party may also turn out later in the day, hoping to avoid the crowds and get a personal look at your property.

Stage your home to sell.

Even if you’re having folks over later for a big game party, keep the chips, dips and party hats out of sight. In fact, your home should be completely clear of all clutter. Keep the counter tops clean and hide any personal touches like family picture frames.

Check the forecast.

Depending on your location, the big game may be the least of your worries. Between snowstorms and freezing rain, weather in early February can be touch and go for much of the country. If the weather is bad, folks will stay home, and there’s little benefit to holding an open house.

Curb appeal (still) counts.

Giving some TLC to the exterior of your home is one of the most frequently overlooked house tips. Even in winter with snow on the ground, small updates can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Put out a new welcome mat, paint your front door, update outdated light fixtures and be sure your house numbers are clearly visible from the street.

Direct the crowds to your home.

Your house, street and neighborhood should be clearly signed to direct buyers to your open house. While newspaper advertisements, word of mouth and fliers all help, drive-by traffic is the primary source for most open houses. Strategically place signage on a major road and at the entrance to your neighborhood to draw in the crowds. After all, if folks are heading to a big game party in the neighborhood, they just might stop by your home on the way!

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