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April 7, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Isn’t that saying just a little too much right now? April showers are the last thing we want in Harrison County. We could go without rain for awhile and be okay because roads being closed, you might not have been able to get out of the house, schools were closing down, cars getting stuck, property being damaged and so on. We are tired of rain in Southern Indiana and just want it to go away, but what if this rain was really good for us and we can’t see that? This rain could a blessing and we don’t even realize that because it all came at once. So what does a lot of rain mean? 

A lot a rain can be helpful to the environment and to you as well. The rain helps with cooling off the heat, improves soil, helps with droughts, and benefits the plants. Rain can help you because it cleans your car for free, improves water sources and qualities, and it can cause a rainbow to show. Those are some good reasons why rain is helpful, but what about the reasons why it may not be? 

Rain usually comes with thunderstorms and lately we know what that is like. In Harrison County we have to get the whole thing- thunderstorms and hail. After the last storm went through things might not have been good for everyone without insurance because of the huge hail and damage it could have caused. That’s why you need the best insurance that provides competitive rates for you home and auto. If you had insurance with Tom Wallace then you know that everything will be alright because of our great companies and awesome rates. If you need to get change or get insurance, don’t wait till the next storm because that may not be far off. Instead, call us today at 812-738-2944 or visit our website today! Everyone here is happy to help you and get you the best rates possible. 

For all your insurance needs, contact Tom at our main office at [email protected] or Brian at our downtown office at [email protected].

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