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December 28, 2015

How to Accomplish Your Resolutions All at Once

As 2015 comes to a close, you can find yourself thinking, “Did I accomplish anything this year? What did I really get done? DIY projects aren’t finished. I didn’t lose those pounds. I still have mounds of stress.”

This is quite common. Most people that make resolutions hardly make it through a week sticking to them and very few last into the year. However, what if there are ways that you can successfully stick to this year’s resolutions? Would you try them?

Many have resolutions of being healthy, saving money, or spending more time with family. At Tom Wallace Insurance Agency, we have resolutions of the same type- giving people the opportunity to be rewarded for their healthy lifestyle, scouring our companies for the best rates to provide your family, and relieving your family of stress by covering your auto and home with the proper coverage you need.

We are at the same crossroads as you this new year- trying to accomplish as many resolutions as possible. So here’s how we can help you check off those resolutions:

1.       Go to our website and fill out a quote for auto, home, commercial, life, motorcycle, or recreational vehicles.

2.       Contact one of our agents- Tom Wallace, Brian Bates, or Jimmie Hickey– for information about how to save money with your insurance.

3.       Come in and sign on the dotted line and accomplish all your resolutions in one visit!

4.       Go and like our Facebook page to stay informed with new information that comes directly from our office.

By doing these four simple steps you will not only be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, but also have more money to spend on family vacations and other fun activities as well as have less stress about providing for your family and more time to enjoy the little things in life. Once you have business with us you can cross off all your resolutions at one time. How is this not a better way to be more productive and get more accomplished than last year?


For all your insurance needs, contact one of our agents Tom Wallace, Brian Bates, or Jimmie Hickey.

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