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January 11, 2016

Hello Winter

After this first snow fall the realization that it’s winter has finally hit. Going out early to defrost the car in pajamas, snow boots, a big winter coat, and hat and gloves is not appealing no matter how beautiful the snow looks. The crass cold makes us long for the warmer weather that we just had a week ago. This abrupt change in temperature hits us in the face as our noses freeze and become dry from all the tissue blowing and scarfs wrapped around our face causing us to have a bad taste for winter because who really wants to feel cold till March?

Winter is a season that is short, but drags its feet by trapping families inside their homes to cuddle close and stay warm. However, if your home is not adequately prepared for winter then it’s not much better than the chilling outside. How do you know if your house is ready for the long winter months? Look over this list and see what improvements you can make:

1.      Get an energy audit – An energy audit can show you how efficiently your home is preforming. Many power companies offer energy audits free.

2.      Tune up your heating system – Make sure your heating sources are up-to-date and covered by your insurance policy. To check, contact Tom Wallace Insurance Agency with any questions.

3.      Close vents and shut doors – Make sure that doors are closed in rooms you aren’t using so the heat doesn’t go in them and can be concentrated to one area of the home.

4.      Review your insurance policy – For customers of Tom Wallace Insurance Agency, it’s always a good idea to review your policy and understand what coverage we have provided you in case of an unfortunate event.

5.      Take out Homeowners Insurance with Tom Wallace Insurance Agency – If you do not currently have an effective policy or homeowners insurance, see Tom immediately. With a policy through Tom Wallace Insurance Agency you can be safe this winter and safe money.

By reviewing this list and updating your home to follow these winter suggestions, you will be safe this winter, have extra money, and most importantly be warm all winter long. Even though you still might have to start your morning earlier or freeze your fingers, you will have the peace of mind that Tom Wallace Insurance Agency has your back during this winter. 

For all your insurance needs, contact one of our agents: Tom Wallace, Brian Bates, or Jimmie Hickey.

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