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January 9, 2017

Are You Actually Making a Resolution?

The new year is a great way to refocus yourself and clean out a lot of things from 2016 that you didn’t like or want to improve on. The new year is a time for you to set your priorities again. The new year is a time to actually keep your New Year Resolutions. Here’s a crazy thought, what would it look like if you were THAT PERSON who kept your resolution? It’s a crazy thought to think of!

There’s a lot of change happening in Harrison County this year, specifically Corydon. With this change happening around us, we want to join with you and make some resolutions of our own!

Tom Wallace Insurance Agency’s New Year Resolutions:
1. Meet new people and provide even better customer service.
2. Grow our business while personally helping all of our clients.
3. Give you the best insurance rates that we can.

That was some of our resolutions. The best thing about resolutions is that they don’t have to be long, complicated, or time consuming if you don’t want them to be. They can be simple: listen more, be still, love each other, be you, etc.

Resolutions sometimes get confused with goals. The definition of a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Using that definition, resolutions are supposed to be easy and manageable. If they’re not, then most likely what you made is a goal and a goal takes the most time and energy possible to accomplish.

We know that you can overcome the “Resolution Sink Hole” and we want to be there with you. 

For all your insurance needs, contact Tom Wallace at [email protected] or Brian Bates at [email protected].

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