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January 16, 2017

12 Project to Spruce up Your Home

Buying a home is a great way to get a return on your
investment. It’s not just something that’s said, but it’s actually true! If you
look on realtor apps and websites like Zillow or Century 21, you
can see the price difference from the last times homes were listed and what
they are now. That must show some improvements have been made to the place.


In the Corydon area alone, there are over 100 houses for
sale and most all of them are being sold at a higher price than the owners
bought them. Simple logic…make improvements, make more money. To help, we
wanted to give you a list of monthly projects from Better Home and Gardens that
you can do to spruce up your place for the next time you are thinking of
putting your house on the market. The best thing, these projects are for all skill levels and are relatively inexpensive things to do around the house. You may not think that little things like organizing the pantry may be needed for resale, but showing potential buyers what your home can do for them is crucial and a huge selling point.

JANUARY: Organize the pantry

FEBURARY: Update your bathroom

MARCH: Install a laminate floor

APRIL: Wash your windows

MAY: Prep your deck for entertaining

JUNE: Refresh a room with paint

JULY: Organize the garage

AUGUST: Paint your home exterior

SEPTEMBER: Get ready for winter

OCTOBER: Install a tile backsplash

NOVEMBER: Add character

DECEMBER: Clean out your closets


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