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January 30, 2017

6 Ways to Prep for Game Day

It’s the best holiday for football lovers when the Super
Bowl comes around. It’s a day that is dedicated to their favorite game and
everyone knows that it’s happening. There are parties and fun all throughout the
day just in preparation to see what team will take home the trophy and be
crowned the victors. To prep for such a day, we want to get you prepared for
any interceptions that may come your way.


Who is liable if
someone at your party gets food poisoning or drives home drunk?


When hosting a party, you should look to the liability
portion of your
homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to protect you if you
are sued and found liable for an accident involving a guest who consumed
alcohol or gets sick after consuming food at your home.
Talk with your agent
about possible exclusions, and make sure you regularly review your
liability coverage limits to ensure they are adequately covered, should an accident or
illness occur.


Consider an umbrella policy. While party guests and hosts
alike should act responsibly and know their limits, consumers need to
acknowledge that most risks cannot be entirely eliminated. But, planning ahead
and learning about what’s involved in hosting is the best defense. Purchasing a
personal umbrella liability policy may be a prudent move for the frequent party


-If the party centers
around drinking, schedule entertainment or activities that do not involve

-Make sure that you
check food and don’t put anything out that you suspect may be undercooked,
spoiled, or contaminated.

-Stop serving alcohol
in the 4th quarter

-Encourage guests to
stay a while after the game

-Make sure your
outdoor walkways and steps are clear

-Do not serve guests
who are visible intoxicated

If you need to check your homeowner’s policy, contact us
today. Or if you think you want to switch to a
company that we trust and recommend, fill out a quote online or contact us as well.


For all your insurance needs, contact Tom
Wallace at
[email protected]
or Brian Bates at [email protected].

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